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software on a laptop showing how to track a link

How To Track a Link: An Updated Guide [2022]

Link tracking, also known as url tracking, is a measurement/reporting software that tells where people tap or click on a website, landing page, apps, email or any other media. Link tracking can help you nicely place CTA campaign, track and improve your website…

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hands typing on a laptop an article about human psychology

Human Psychology in Digital Marketing [2022 Update]

In reality, once you try to engage with buyers the way they’ve hoped effectively and efficiently, you can certainly drive more actions to your website. This involves identifying a consistent pattern or trends and studying what works best for everyone. But how can…

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a graph showing conversion rate data

Conversion Rate in Digital Marketing: A Guide to Boost Your Sales

Above all, a conversion rate is a record or a percentage that defines a completed action. As in terms of digital marketing, conversion rate defines how many percentage of visitors come to your website has converted into sales. Depending on your business goal, you can change the metric as per your requirement…

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a laptop screen with icons regarding email marketing tools

Email Marketing Tools: An Updated Guide [2022]

One email marketing tool that has been recently creating a lot of buzz is AWeber; in our opinion this company has established itself as one of the enduring and popular email marketing platforms out there. AWeber’s template simplifies the process of creating both simple…

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a person typing on a laptop to optimize a website with seo and sem

SEO vs. SEM: The Difference between SEO & SEM [2022]

According to the most recent statistics, there are a total of 1.86 billion unique websites online. This doesn’t mean you’re going to have almost 2 billion competitors. Online retailers represent a fraction of that, but the larger point is that the Internet is unimaginably crowded…

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a laptop screen with an icon about sales funnel stages

Sales Funnel Stages & Definition: An Updated Guide [2022]

Ever wonder about the journey of a customer? How do they enter your website, what makes them interested in your product, and what do they mostly do before making a purchase? The journey can be mapped by a sales funnel, a core concept that can take your business…

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a person writing notes about how to make money blogging

How to Make Money Blogging: A Complete Guide [2022]

The gig economy is rapidly swaying the portion of traditional ‘9-5ers’ but many aspiring bloggers are still unaware of the strategy, determination and consistency it takes to successfully make money blogging. The better you set your expectations and prepare…

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a seo logo as a symbol of seo optimization or search engine optimization services

SEO Optimization: A Beginner’s Guide [2022]

What’s Search Engine Optimization? If you are an entrepreneur and you are planning to use the web as part of your digital marketing strategies, you must know the answer to that question. But, more importantly, you will need to understand how SEO can improve…

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