The Best Types of Digital Marketing: An Updated Guide [2022]

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As consumers migrate to the web for most of their purchases and influencers determine what sells; it can feel overwhelming to know how to connect your product with your target client base. You know that you need several types of digital marketing strategies and a solid digital marketing campaign; but what does that include and where should you focus your resources? In this article we’ll describe – above all – eight of the most common types of digital marketing. As you understand how these pieces work together, you’ll be prepared to create your digital marketing strategies.



Content Marketing: One of the Best Types of Digital Marketing

Among the best types of digital marketing, content marketing includes the idea that brands will promote themselves; this is done by offering free and reliable content in order to demonstrate expertise and create a relationship with a target client base. Many businesses deliver content through blog posts, video classes or other content formats.


Pay-per-Click (PPC)

In addition to other types of strategies, pay-per-click is a paid advertising method; it allows you to only pay for ads that consumers click on to go to your page. PPC helps you to target your demographic more accurately while conserving costs; Google Ads, Facebook paid ads, and LinkedIn sponsored messages are all forms of PPC.


Search Engine Optimization

In order to sell a product, you have to be able to connect with Google Searches. As a result, many companies will spend a significant amount of time and resources optimizing content to include the right keywords in the right places; this way they hope their content will be a top in Google.

In fact, nearly half of online shoppers begin their experience by typing a query into a search engine.


Social Media Marketing

Firstly, this strategy includes all content posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms. Social media offers a compelling opportunity to connect with your user base. As social media platforms adapt to online shopping habits. They have improved their platforms to make in-app purchases more accessible than ever.


Affiliate Marketing

This happens when two or more brands create an arrangement to sell some of their online space to the other to connect with a larger consumer base. For example, a person running a successful makeup social media account can attract the attention of top brands and these leading brands will send samples of their products to the influencer to show a tutorial and product review. The possibilities for affiliate marketing are endless but often require a large group of followers or active subscribers to work.


Native Advertising

Among the best types of digital marketing strategies, “native advertising” refers to an ad formatted to fit the flow of the platform, making it stand out less than banner or pop-up advertising. However, this does not diminish its power. Instead, it makes it feel more natural and, therefore, less aggressive on the user end.

Native advertising is prevalent in social media and Google and includes “in feed” ads, promoted listings and content recommendations.

Types of Digital Marketing: “In feed” Ads

These ads fill a spot as naturally as the next post, often formatted as a post itself. Facebook and Instagram use these options to make in-app purchasing easier and faster, offering a storefront locally in the app that pings to your main web page without the user ever leaving the app.

Types of Digital Marketing: Promoted Listings

We’ve all experienced searching for a solution on Google to find the first three websites on the page. This paid advertising allows brands to buy a top spot in rankings rather than rely on keyword placement alone.

Types of Digital Marketing: Content Recommendations

Another case is when a blog or article suggests several related topics to the post you just read. This way they encourage you to spend more time with their brand and developing more trust with the reader.


Digital Marketing Campaign Automation

A digital marketing campaign can require a lot of time to develop and disseminate; that’s why many successful companies use digital marketing automation tools. Examples include email newsletters, scheduled posting to social media accounts or click trackers. Marketing automation tools are widely available and cost-effective to be a viable solution to businesses of all sizes and experiences.


Email Marketing

In conclusion, a marketing campaign via email marketing can still be effective. This way you can inform clients about available sales and promotions.


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Disclosure: Links and ads, inside this article, are sponsored. If you purchase through them, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
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