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Our team decided to start writing this tech blog with the aim of helping all those who want to start online businesses. Here we provide the latest technology news, reviews, tutorials and deliver a solid support to entrepreneurs.

Nowadays, in fact, everyone can start an online business and offer digital services across the globe. Unfortunately, at least in the initial stage, this digitalisation process is not so simple and it requires a lot of skills.

Our team really hopes this technology blog can be of help to beginners. It can be a valuable resource to those who want to open up to this world without any technical knowledge. We wish you appreciate our contribution as we are here to assist you to achieve remarkable results in your entrepreneurial journey.

I’m Giorgio, Director at Globaltech Solutions Sagl. I hold a degree in Economics and since my childhood I have always been fascinated by technology.

I have created this tech blog covering the latest technology news in order to support people who are interested in digital entrepreneurship. In this space you can find tech news, tech reviews and tech tutorials of the products that I consider essential to be successful in the technology industry.

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