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a laptop showing a page about google ads and seo

Google Ads and SEO: An Updated Guide [2023]

Have you ever wondered what strategy represents the best way to increase the views of your website? Nowadays, we can rely on many tools capable of solving this problem. But currently, what’s the most advantageous one?…

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a padlock as a symbol of ssl certificate

SSL, TLS & HTTPS: A SEO Perspective [2023]

In this paragraph we will be explaining the importance of using SSL, TLS & HTTPS in a website and its effects when adopting and optimizing SEO practices. Having a proper SSL certificate is also critical for building your customer trust. The more comfortable…

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a man on a laptop trying to improve a website speed

Website Speed & SEO: An Updated Guide [2023]

In this article we dedicate few paragraphs to the analysis of the main variables that influence the loading speed of website pages. To tell the truth, this aspect is considered as one of those most important factors related to Search Engine Optimization. In fact…

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a laptop showing a page of a seo blog

SEO for a Blog: A Guide for Bloggers [2023]

In some of the previous articles we have already covered and explained the principles of Search Engine Optimization, but now, we’d like to dedicate few more paragraphs to examine, exclusively from a blogger’s perspective, the most important and crucial aspects…

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a man booking a digital marketing consultation using a tablet

10 Reasons to Book a Digital Marketing Consultation [2023]

Over the last decade, on the internet, we often may come across the expression ‘digital marketing consultation’ but we still might not know what types of services people are referring to. A digital marketing consultation is a very concrete and useful service ideal for…

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a smartphone with an app to create qr codes

How to Create QR Codes [2022]

Even if, nowadays, QR Code are undoubtedly well known among digital marketers, many users are still are not aware of the various differences between the types of QR codes and yet they are not fully familiar with the considerable functionalities and advantages…

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a girl on a laptop using SEO tools

SEO Tools: An Introduction [2022]

How can you increase organic traffic? How to drive more visitors to your website? For this reason, you can take advantage using SEO tools, designed for research, analysis, and resource different techniques on Search Engine. These instruments help you understand…

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a laptop with a note showing tips about how to start a blog

How to Start a Blog: A Beginner’s Guide [2022]

Ever wondered how to start a blog and make money from it? We know starting a blog can be a bit terrifying, especially if you’re a newbie. There’s this thing called hosting, SEO, title, description, and other geeky stuff. Guess’s not that difficult. In fact…

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