How to Rank Higher in Google Maps: A Simple Guide [2023]

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In this short article we want to explain what are the most important factors that contribute to improving the visibility of a place of interest or local business. This way you can learn how to rank higher in Google Maps. Unluckily, we often may come across the circumstance in which we cannot find the place we have been looking for inside Google Maps.

As consequence, potential customers won’t be able to locate it or find helpful information such as: opening and closing hours, description, kind of services and so on. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, may miss an excellent chance of showing their business to potential customers. Indeed, every business owner running a local business needs to be aware of the reason why its business hasn’t been listed among Google Maps results. To be precise, he or she should know how to take advantage of this great digital technology to win over its competitors. Google Maps is, in fact, a great instrument that can help attract new customers and strengthen relationships with the existing ones.


How to Rank Higher in Google Maps: Getting Started

Above all, it’s relevant to point out that all the information available in Google Maps is the same as it appears in Google Business Profile. This is a panel that contains all the relevant information related to a business and it’s usually displayed every time a Google search is performed. Google Business Profile doesn’t automatically show up every time you perform a search on Google while looking for a local business. For that to appear, you need to set up and keep updated your Google Business Profile beforehand.



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How to Set Up Google Business Profile

As we already said, the information available in Google Maps is the same as the one already accessible in Google Business Profile. To set it up correctly you need to provide precise information about your local business opening hours, closing hours, holidays, or extraordinaire closures etc. To increase the completeness of your profile, you also should never forget to promptly reply to your customers’ reviews. Finally, remember to list all the goods and services offered by your business, using appropriate descriptions, and providing high-quality photos.


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How to Rank Higher in Google Maps

To successfully rank on Google Maps, we must keep in mind these few simple factors. These are: Business Authority, Search Relevance and Distance.

  • Business Authority

This factor determines the level of importance of a local business. Public places such as museums, offices or hotels, well-known shops are important and hence, this reflects the positioning in local search results inside Google Maps. Business authority, according to Google, is mainly based on every piece of information available on the web. Considerable importance is also attributed to the level of positioning inside search engines, mainly Google. Search Engine Optimization can greatly influence the level of business authority and therefore, improve the overall positioning in Google Maps.

  • Search Relevance

It simply defines the degree to which the local businesses nearby the selected area may match the user’s search criteria.

  • Distance

It considers the level of proximity of each local business and the geographical area selected by the user.


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How to Rank Higher in Google Maps: To Sum Up

In this short article, we have explained how you can improve your business’ visibility inside Google Maps. This process is very simple, takes little time but it can bring significant benefits to your business growth. Remember to set up your Google Business Profile and to provide all relevant and updated information about your local business.

Do you want to learn how to rank higher in Google Maps? Do you need any assistance or guidance? Our company is available and please to offer you a consultation.


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Disclosure: Links and ads, inside this article, are sponsored. If you purchase through them, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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