How to Create QR Codes [2022]

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Even if, nowadays, QR Code are undoubtedly well known among digital marketers, many users are still are not aware of the various differences between the types of QR codes. Yet they are not fully familiar with the considerable functionalities and advantages that these digital marketing tools can offer. A QR Code generator online, in fact, can help you create or generate QR Codes free of charge. These QR Codes present the following functionalities: they can easily direct users to a website, show them a text message or even let them dial a telephone number. These ones are called ‘Static QR Codes’ and – unlike Dynamic QR Codes – their function is merely to decode the information within the surface of the code, as it happens with common barcodes.

Although it is clear that these digital marketing tools can be very useful and appreciated in certain contexts – especially for personal use – the same might not be true for corporate environments, where these instruments, on the other hand, show several limitations and inadequacies. In the next paragraph we’ll explain why dynamic QR Codes represent, on the other hand, the perfect choice for those who want to take fully advantage of all QR Codes functionalities.



How to Create QR Codes: Introduction to Dynamic QR Codes


High Resolution

Dynamic QR Codes are in high graphic resolution. These ones present defined margins and they usually are available in EPS, SVG vector formats. Static QR Codes, on the other hand, are often available only in medium or low resolution (e.g. JPEG/PNG formats). A high print quality in very important as it allows users to scan the code more quickly and easily.


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Scan Monitoring

If you want to advertise your business professionally and efficiently, you will probably want to calculate the conversion rate of your campaigns. For this reason, you will need to know the number of scans received and from which channels they originate. Using static QR codes, it will be difficult to analyse the origin of web traffic coming from QR codes. Using the dynamic ones, on the other hand, you will be able to obtain detailed reports containing important scan statistics. You will then be able to check the number of scans received for any advertising campaign. You will then be able to calculate the cost incurred per scan and dedicate your budget to successful campaigns.

Change URL Address after you create QR Codes

With dynamic QR codes, it is also possible to change the destination URL without the need to regenerate and reprint a new QR codes. In this case, you can still continue to use the same QR Code already created even if you decide to change the web page to which this code is linked. Imagine you print your QR Code on multiple paper media and later decide to change the linked URL address. With static QR Codes, you would need to generate a new QR Code in order to reprint it on other media. Dynamic QR Codes, on the other hand, allow you to use the same codes already printed by simply updating the new URL address.

Generate QR Codes & Customise Colours

A typical example of customisation concerns the possibility of choosing the QR Code in the colour that you prefer. Choosing a colour capable of recalling those of one’s ‘brand’ is capable of positively influencing customers’ human psychology and considerably increasing the number of scans.

Service & Support

Do you really want to realise a major advertising campaign using QR codes? If so, it’s then a responsible choice to rely on a service provider that can guarantee adequate technical support and a high degree of competence. The use of free services, sometimes, may reveal many inadequacies.


Do you want to create a static QR code using a free tool? What information can you rely on regarding the security protocols adopted? Are you always able to verify their compliance with privacy regulations?


How to Create QR Codes: Conclusion

Do you wanto to generate QR codes with the same characteristics as a common barcode? If so, we recommend you create free static QR codes.

However, if you are a company that aims to advertise its products, we would recommend another solution. In this case you can use a more appropriate tool that offers high standards in terms of quality and reliability.

Dynamic QR Codes simply offer the answer to this need. Their reliability and usefulness are nowadays an excellent solution for all tech enthusiasts and modern companies.


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Disclosure: Links and ads, inside this article, are sponsored. If you purchase through them, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
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