SEO Tools: An Introduction [2022]

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Above all, we can all agree with this statement: ‘Driving organic traffic to a website is really hard!’. This is the one thing we want, whether we’re running a YouTube channel, Blog website, or an eCommerce business. Whatever your business is, if you have an online store and you don’t have traffic, you’re just wasting your resources. Organic traffic not only helps you get a higher conversion rate but also helps you rank better in Search Engines. So, how can someone increase the organic traffic? How to drive more visitors to a website? In this article, you can learn how to take advantage using Search Engine Optimization services (SEO optimizer); these instruments are designed for research, analysis, and resource different techniques on Search Engine.

First of all, these instruments help you understand what your competitors have done in the past in order to find success; this way you can, therefore, replicate the same strategy or even better. A SEO Optimization tool can help you analyze your own website, track keywords and check the backlink status of individual pages.



SEO Tools in Digital Marketing: Typical Features


Competitive Research

The domain overview section features all the details of the website including, for instance, the expected monthly traffic, ranked keywords, backlinks, ads, and other helpful details. You can perform the domain analysis on your own website or your competitors.

Traffic Analytics

The traffic analytics panel gives you a detailed overview of the traffic you receive on monthly basis. This includes your organic, paid, social media, referral, and other traffic metrics. You can also check traffic based on different pages, and the sources where it is coming from.


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Keyword Research

This is where the real fun begins. We all know that SEO services are all about finding the right keyword for your brand. Keyword research tools can help you get the most out of search results. It’s simple, enter the keyword you want to see the data for will show you all the magic. The key things to check here are the Keyword difficulty score and volume. Normally, Keywords with high traffic have a high difficulty rate and are a bit hard to beat on Google. So instead of going for the highly competitive, high-volume keyword, you can target multiple low competitive keywords. You might have to sacrifice the traffic first, but eventually, you will start gaining some engagement on the main keyword too.

Backlink Analysis

In addition, ranking a website on a Search Engine requires more than just finding good keywords; there are a lot of factors you have to consider to gain the search engine’s trust. One of which is Backlinks. These are external links that integrate with your website performance and therefore determines the ranking factors. These SEO optimizer tools, therefore, allow you to not only track your website backlinking profile but also list different metrics so you can only link from trusted sources. The backlink analysis tool allows you to check your website backlink profile. This includes a list of domain names that are linked back to your website. All the information is laid out in a very helpful way. You’ve got the option to check the Anchor text of each backlink, referring domains, referring IPs, indexed pages, and competitors.

Link Building

SEO tools in a digital marketing strategy can offer you the possibility to build basic links for your website directly from the tool.

On Page & Tech SEO

Another interesting feature is “On-page SEO checker”. The on-page SEO tool is a bit underrated. It pinpoints the exact weaknesses you have in your blog and suggest recommendation of how you can improve it. With On-Page SEO Checker, you can rest assured that your content complies with the best on-page and off-page strategies. This includes, for instance, the relevancy of keywords, quality of the content, H1, H2, H3 tags, meta description, title, internal and external linking and more.

PPC Analysis

Best SEO tools offer powerful PPC analysis tools. Monitoring your competitor’s ads is one of the best ways to stay ahead of your competition. This way it’s possible to keep a tab of every keyword you’re trying to rank. With the PPC analysis tool, you can polish your SEO campaigns and develop more aggressive PPC copies and optimize your landing pages for maximum conversion.

Who are SEO Services and Tools Recommended for?

Well, anyone who wants to get a piece of the Search Engine ranking parameters should use SEO Tools. No matter if you’re running a blog, a services-based website, an eCommerce site, or simply a YouTube channel. It is recommended to:

Anyone who needs more traffic

Users doing their own SEO

Agencies doing their client SEO

In other words, SEO tools can help you make the best decisions for creating content that will be the easiest to rank.


SEO Services and Tools: Other Features

In addition, some of the other prominent features include, for instance:

Local SEO: Listing management, On-page SEO optimizer checker, position tracking.

Advertising: Display advertising, PLA research, Ad history, Keyword Manager, Social media ads, and more.

Social Media: Social media poster, tracker, and ads analysis.

Content Marketing: Topic research, SEO writing assistance, brand monitoring, post tracking, and content audit.

Competitive Research: Traffic analytics, market explorer, brand monitoring, keyword gap, and more

Agency Solutions: Agency Partners, client manager (CRM), and reporting.


SEO Tools in Digital Marketing: Final Verdict

In conclusion, there was a time when creators actually sat down and wrote interesting topics on a piece of paper to publish online. Now those days are pretty much over. Now, you can completely check a website’s performance and, therefore, copy the same strategy on your website. With a SEO optimizer, you get full freedom to check any of your competitor websites and plan ahead your strategy. Moreover, they have some amazing features like helping you find low competitive keywords, backlinks, SEO audit, site audit, and more.

Disclosure: Links and ads, inside this article, are sponsored. If you purchase through them, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
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