How To Track a Link: An Updated Guide [2022]

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Online marketers know the importance of content and how to place links in articles, but hardly anyone knows how link tracking can have an impact on a website performance. You can check where the traffic comes from Google Analytics; but there’s no easy way to have powerful insights without using a url tracking tool. So how can one get along with this and does it really matter to use a link tracker software among all types of digital marketing tools?



What is Link Tracking?

Link tracking, also known as url tracking, is a measurement and reporting software that basically tells where people tap or click on a website, landing page, apps, email or any other media. Link tracking can help you:

  • Nicely place CTA campaign
  • Track and improve your website ROI
  • Improve your social media presence
  • Build an effective campaign based on previous data collected
  • Improve the quality of your blog by sharing and tracking them

Tracking your page views is one thing, but tracking the data of your links can reveal amazing results.


How does Link Tracking Work?

The links that we usually create on our website are not trackable as they are not referral links. To make them trackable, a link tracking tool creates a unique custom URL for that specific landing page. Once the unique link is created, you can share this anywhere on the internet. That includes your website, ads, forums, social media account, blogs, email, or newsletters. Different tools offer different metrics, so depending on the tool you’re using, you will track data like:

  • Where the traffic is coming from
  • What referrals are they using?
  • User experience tracking and more
  • What device and platform they are using?
  • What is the average conversion rate?

These tools can be used by anyone in the industry, whether it’s an affiliate marketer, companies, agencies, or individuals who want to improve their website experience. And the best above all, there are tons of link tracking tools, each offering unique features that you can take benefit from.


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6 Benefits of Link Tracking

A link tracking software offers useful data and analytics regarding your website and vendor. You can effectively use this information and use it on your next marketing campaign.


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Helps Measure Traffic

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool but it’s not helpful when url tracking. The referring sources that are coming outside your website are trackable but to some extent.

What link trackers offer, is that they divide the traffic individually in different tiers. If a traffic source comes to Tier 1, you can easily track this to tier 2 and tier 3. This is very helpful, as even your vendor uses a proxy, each jump will be easily available on your dashboard. Some tools also showcase traffic quality metric that determines from which source you’re getting the most quality traffic.


One of the coolest features of link trackers is that you can retarget your existing customers and increase the conversion rate by using the pixels code. The retargeting URL is highly effective in boosting your overall brand sales. You can use this feature to re-target visitors from all over the web. Some link trackers also offer an A/B testing feature, which means that you can test this code before making your campaign live. So, in case things go south, you’ll always have a backup plan.

Filtered Automated Click

To improve your website user experience, some link tracking tools come with clean IP services, so you’re free from bots or proxy traffic. Every 1 in 3 websites is prone to some sort of cyberattack, whether it is in a form of fake traffic or unusual clicks.

How these tools address this is by initializing IP tracking, which displays fake, spiders, and bot traffic separate, as well as the real traffic. So, next time you see something unusual in your dashboard, you can easily block the source from the Analytics.

Multipurpose Link Tracking Usage

Link trackers are not only limited to just your website content, they can be also used on social media, affiliates, eCommerce business, emails, blogs, newsletters, popups, PPC campaigns, and other sources. Anything that involves text-based content on the internet, you can use a url tracking tool on this.

UX Link Tracking

Although limited to some tools, but a very handy feature to improve your website conversion rate. It can also help how people interact with your website, based on user experience. There are tons of heat map tools that record each click, including HTML elements, images, white papers, and more. Based on the data collected, you can provide relevant information to the visitors where it most matters.

Link Uptime Monitoring

Another handy feature of using a link tracker is that it checks your trackable link after every specified period of time. If your trackable link goes down for more than 10 minutes, you will be notified to change it. This is very helpful, especially if you’re running an affiliate website.

The conversion rate of a website is important, we want to make sure that our link stays live.



Link tracking, as a whole, is a very handy feature that every marketer should use. By understanding where customers mostly click on your website, you can best serve them with the right information. As a result of this, they will take more interest in your brand which leads to improved conversion rate.


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Disclosure: Links and ads, inside this article, are sponsored. If you purchase through them, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
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